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Cleanse High

Detox-3 Days

  • Eliminate
    Toxic Waste
  • Improve
  • Good for
    Fast Food Lifestyle



Descripition :

The 3- Day plan provides a gentle opportunity to cleanse & energise your body. An effective way to kick your body’s natural detoxification organs into action, helping them to flush away toxin & food waste more efficiently.

For three days, over 9 litres of plant matter floods the body to nourish and purify deeply, while the digestive system takes this opportunity to rest and heal. A juice detox resets your digestive system, provides the body with fresh energy, boosts skin clarity and health.

Dose :

  • 3 DAYS x 8 bottles
  • Quantity : 500 ml each bottle
  • Calories : 1000 cal/day (approx.)
  • Sugars : Never added - about 2% in the form of fruit.

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