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Science of Detox

What is Fasting?

Abstinence from all or some kinds of foods or drinks is the standard definition of fasting. The fasting ritual was gifted to us by our ancestors and is relevant in all religions as a way of worshipping the body.

During a fast, the body switches its energy from burning glucose to burning fatty acids; prolonged fasting for more than 24 hours activates the process of autophagy- A state of self-eating. It is a body’ sway of cleaning the house, improving cellular health by discarding the poorly functioning organelles.

Water-fasting for more than 24 hours has side effects such as gallstones, hypoglycemia, nutrient deficiency and loss of muscle mass in most people. As per the research on disease control through
fasting, the ideal way to fast is to feed the system with healing plant matter in liquid form by restricted calories. This process mimics fasting at the molecular level and activates all the benefits of prolonged fasting without any side effects.

The Need for A Cleanse

We live in an age where we ingest complex chemicals daily through our food, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and the polluted air we breathe. It’s no surprise that so many of us don’t always function at or feel our best.

On the other hand, our digestive system is constantly kept busy with too frequent feeding, and not everything is leaving our body well processed. We accumulate these toxins over time, and they can become stored deep within our bodies in areas like our organs, tissues, fat cells and even our brain. This situation is wrecking our systems leading to fatigue, poor immunity, digestive problems, weight gain, mental disorders, lack of vibrance for life in general and countless other health conditions.

8 Juices Per Day
No Solid Food

The Juice Cleanse Program

Our Juice Cleanse Diet is a nutrient-dense liquid diet plan developed under the guidance of Ayurveda and Human Nutrition experts. The Ritual is a and effective way to support your body’s natural detoxification mechanism by helping it flush away built-up toxins, debris more efficiently. As a result, one feels light, clean and fresh from the inside.

By feeding the body readily-available nutrients in the form of botanical elixirs, the digestive system is allowed to rest and heal, pathways and pipes are thoroughly cleansed, malfunctioning cells are discarded, and the organs are revived. . Think of the Juice cleanse as a deep cleaning for your insides. Similar to how we service our automobiles occasionally.

It’s a new beginning for your body. Emerge feeling light & bright.

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