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Cleanse High

Weight Reset Program

  • Fat Burn
  • Gut Repair
  • Nourishment
  • Metabolic Repair



Description :

We believe in discipline diets and steer away from crash diets. Keeping in mind the importance of healthy weight loss, we designed a plan that does not deplete the body of nutrients.

Based on the scientifically proven Method of intermittent-fasting 16:8. .This plan sensibly restricts calories while filling your body with rich liquid nourishment. Along with the 4 juices, one can have a homemade lunch

Dose :

Fat Burn

During the 16 hr fasting window, body enters ketosis phase and receives energy by burning available fat in your body. Depending on individual's health, one can lose from 3Kg - 5KG and notice a significant inch loss.



The four botanical elixirs have adequate nutrition for the day. Experience radiant skin, rewired taste buds, and improved nutrient profile. All while losing weight.

Metabolic Repair

15 Days on a cleat diet lightens the load on digestive system and heals metabolic irregularities. One will experience smoother bowl moments, gets rid of foul body odour by the end of the program.

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