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Cleanse High


The Diet is Naturopathically designed for those who struggle to lose the adamant weight.
The intermittent Juice plan eliminates fat by first breaking down toxic waste and then maximising fat loss. During the fasting period, the body gets its energy by burning the available fat. Depending on the person’s age, metabolic health and the level of physical activity, one can lose from 3Kg-6KG during the first time. If one continues the program after 15 days, expect significant inch loss.


The four botanical elixirs have sufficient calories to get you through the day with good energy.

They are made from the finest of raw food ingredients like herbal teas, soups, greens, plant matter, and super powders to rebuild your nutrient profile during these 15. We genuinely believe in a nourishing diet, and improving general nutrient profile of the body is equally important as losing weight.

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